B&P Fabrications have a fleet of three fibre lasers ranging from 3kW to 5 kW power, providing capacity and flexibility to launch customer orders effectively.

The TruLaser 5030 fiber  is a highly productive process based around a solid-state laser.

Productivity is derived from a combination of the dynamic direct drive system and high feed rates powered by the solid-state laser.

Quality results are achieved in thick sheet metal due to the BrightLine fiber option. Using the Nitrogen “clean edge” process, minimal additional part cleaning is required.

Downtime is minimised using a series of advanced process features including a universal cutting head with two-stage collision protection & maintenance-free fiber beam guidance.


Flexibility of Laser Profiling

Max sheet size: 3000mm x 1500mm

Max cut thickness: 20mm for Mild Steel

Max axis speed: 245m/min

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