B&P Fabrications was formed as a partnership in 1980, before becoming a limited company in June 1991 as B&P Fabrications (Leicester) Ltd.

The business was purchased from the original owners by the management team in 2018 via an MBO and continues to operate with the same customer focused ethos.

The company has built & developed its skills base and pursued a policy of continuous investment, both in terms of people and state of the art machinery and technology.

B&P now employs over 120 people on a site covering approx. 10,000 square meters and can boast a collection of some of the most technologically advanced production machinery available.

Key to its success has been the ability to forge strong working relationships with its customers, forming partnerships and long term trading agreements.

B&P has a diversity within its customer base and undertakes projects with both small independent companies and global OEM’s both in the UK and overseas.

B&P export to a variety of destinations including: Europe, USA, India & China.

The business produces a range of fabrications from intricate, light gauge – through to heavy-duty steel weldments. This versatility has reduced our exposure to any one-market sector and ensured survival and financial robustness, regardless of the prevailing economic climate.

Well engineered, best value, defect free components delivered on time are what B&Ps customers have come to expect.

Chris Fenwick, MD – “Our focus on customer service & support helps ensure our customers loyalty and it is the organisation’s underlying culture of commitment to deliver and hard work that contributes to our ongoing success.”